Thursday, August 6, 2009

My BIG B-Day Contest

So here it is that thing I was telling you about that is so amazing that even you have to be happy on my B-Day =). EdenFantasys and Tantus are letting me giveaway some amazing things. First up we have EdenFantasys they are going to give you the choice of one of my three favorite lubes which if you didnt know are the Toko silicone lubricant, Wet body glide in the cherry, and Maximus. Then we have Tantus giving one of my favorite toys from them that I already have the O2 Niagara. I am sure by now you want to know how can I get in on this I just have to know well there are a couple of ways you can get in on this you can do the ever growwing way of followwing me and tweeting about it =) only one tweet a day will be counted this will get you enterd for both. Then if you want to be enterd for your choice of lube leave a comment on your favorite slippery situation. If you want to enter for the tantus toy leave me a comment with a story of me and you using a Tantus toy. You can enter both if you want or you coul just enter one it is all up to you if you want some extra credit you can post a link to this contest on your blog or site and post the link here =). This is going to go on for the next 7 days so at "12 in the after noon"♫ (haha had to do that) one week from now I will pick out the winners.


Sammi said...

Posted about your contest here :

Lorelei said...

Since I don't know you at all, I'd like for you to deliver the O2 Niagara to my door with a bottle of whiskey & some flowers. I'll have the lights dimmed & the music on, Maximus & other assorted toys, blindfolds, ropes & such by the bed and however the evening unfolds--we'll be spent by the early morning.

I'll make coffee in the morning & I'll file custody papers on the O2 Niagara or you can just leave it here--I think I'm going to love it.

See? We have a date. That was easy. lol

Bucking Bill said...

Thanks Sammi for the link =) I am sure it will help

Thanks Lorelei for the story sounds like a good night and I'm a nice guy you don't have to file custody it takes too long to do all that =)

Beautiful Dreamer said...

What would I do to you with a tantus toy? Read about it here. Just substitute the Leo for your new found love. :)

Beautiful Dreamer said...

And I posted about this contest on my blog. :)

Bucking Bill said...

@Beautiful Dreamer haha yeah that was a fun ass time =) we should have done that more often =)

Amorous Rocker said...

I tweeted about the contest and I posted about it on my blog today. =o)

Bucking Bill said...

ok I got you =) would love a story if you want to write one.

Valyn said...

I'd totally love to get a whole buncha lube, all my toys, my bf, and a throe, and go at it! I've always wondered what it'd feel like to be a human slip-n-slide! That's my favorite idea of a slippery situation!

AveryDragon said...

Hey Bucking Bill, Happy birthday!

I posted a link to your contest in my blog and also wrote a story for the O2 Niagara, hope you like!

Rockin' With a Cock in said...

Hey Bucking Bill, here's my story about us and a Tantus toy -- the Ripple Large.

We're chilling together one evening on your couch, watching some television. I've brought over my Tantus Ripple Large to show you. It's a nice copper color, it's pretty sturdy, and it has a nice thick base.

I walk out to the kitchen to get a drink, and on my way back I am startled by something on the wall. It's a huge cockroach! Frozen with shock, I stare at the roach, hoping it doesn't skitter towards me.

You notice my situation, and call to me: "Rockin'! You must defeat the cockroach!"

I snap out of my daze and look over at you. You quickly pick up the Ripple Large and toss it to me.

"Quick!" you say, "Use the plug!"

I catch shaft of the Ripple Large in my hand, and with one strong motion I bring death in the form of squashing to the offending cockroach.

"Now THAT'S what I call a versatile toy!" you say.

*cue cheesy laugh track and fade out music*

Rockin' With a Cock in said...

I know it's near the end, but I just posted about your contest over on my blog:

Have a good night :)

Jess said...

Ok, time to get serious now. Not foolin around here, people! Here goes nothing. *cracks knuckles*

(Sorry it's a novella. Had to post in two sections. Hope you like your birthday fag porn!)

You're at a nightclub and you squeeze in to the bar to get a fresh drink. As you press against the guy behind you to work in closer, you can feel him press back into you. Something firm is pressing against you. You're not gay or anything, but you have to admit it feels pretty good pressed against your ass.

Jerking your head around, you manage to make eye contact with the guy. Jesus, he's just a kid, not a day over 17. The bouncers in this place need to check the fake IDs a little better. He smirks and pulls away from you, escaping onto the crowded dance floor.

After you get your drink you make your way around the club, keeping a curious eye out for your mystery man. After awhile, you spot him, leaning against the wall outside the men's room. Your eyes meet and he flashes you that smirk again before heading into the bathroom. Not one to turn down such an invitation, you feel yourself heading in behind him.

In the bathroom, the first two stalls are empty. The bigger stall at the end has its door cracked open. You slowly push it open and the kid is waiting for you. You're not sure how this whole thing works. Are you supposed to introduce yourself? You start to say, "Uh... my name's..." but before you can finish,he grabs the front of your shirt and pulls you in with one hand, locking the stall door with the other. Your lips meet and you feel like he's trying to eat you alive. Part of your mind is reeling that you're even here, doing this, but it's overruled by the throbbing of your cock, tight in your pants.

As if reading your mind, the kid reaches down and cups your package, sizing you up. That smirk again. He deftly begins unbuttoning your pants. Why waste time? You both know why you're here.

Shoving your pants down over your knees, you pull him against you again, hungry to taste him. You hesitantly reach down to feel his cock through his pants. Christ, for a little guy, his dick must be at least 7 inches. He abruptly spins you around and shoves you against the door, your face pressed hard against it.

He's pressing the full length of his body against yours, and you feel his hand sliding into your underwear, grabbing a handful of of your ass. Rocking his hips against yours, his fingertips start to play with your asshole. You moan and press your rock-hard cock against the door. Soon his little fingers are fucking you as you buck back against him, his mouth pressed into the nape of your neck, biting you.

You hear him fumbling with his pants and you know what's coming next. In a sweaty rush, you push down your underwear and kick them and your pants down to your ankles, trying not to trip over them. Preoccupied, you let out a choked gasp as you feel his warm, wet tongue slip between your ass cheeks, working its way around and into your asshole. It feels like heaven, but at this point you're work up too far and you're greedy for his cock. You push your ass harder against his face...


Jess said...


The kid pulls away. He feels for your asshole again, spreading your ass cheeks. God, yes. You feel the tip of his dick pressing against you, slowly coaxing your ass open. You're no stranger to anal, but that was mostly while jerking off or messing around with your babe. This is a whole new thing all together. Jesus, he's slowly filling you up, working it to the hilt. You didn't realize how... bumpy a penis felt. It's probably since you're so sensitive there.

When you finally feel him pressed all the way inside you, you both let out a little grunt of satisfaction. You push against him again, flexing your ass muscles around his cock. Gently, he starts rocking, sliding slowly... almost to the tip, then buried back to the hilt again. You can feel your body opening up to him. Christ, you feel ready to burst. You stroke your dick, trying not to get too close to the edge yet.

Feeling you relax, the kid starts working your ass a little harder. You feel your self pushing back with each stroke, your ass hitting his hips with a muffled thud. Feels like he still has his boxers on. He's fucking you harder now, holding onto a handful of hair at the back of your neck for leverage. You're spreading your legs wider, getting so close. You can feel the orgasm building up in you.

His cock feels enormous, like it's filling every part of your body at once. It's all you can feel. The side of your forehead is softly knocking against the door with each thrust, but your brain barely registers it. All that exists is his cock, his beautiful cock, pounding your ass.

You can't hold back anymore. You feel your orgasm rushing up, hot and fast. Holy fuck! You spurt stream after stream against the bathroom door. He's moaning too, and you mentally laugh that he almost sounds like a girl when he moans. Slowing down his pace as you come down, he gently pulls out of you.

You start to come to your senses about where you are and what's just happened. A little embarrassed, you reach for your pants and look back over your shoulder in time to see him dropping a used condom into the toilet. He didn't come. You're not sure how you feel about that, but it's hard to complain after the fucking you just received. When did he even get the rubber on? You can't remember.

You can barely stand, let alone walk, but the kid gives you that smirk one last time, pats you on the ass, and pushes past you, out of the bathroom. There are two other men waiting for the bathroom, trying to pretend you're not standing there in a daze, holding up your pants with one hand.

Best. Birthday. Ever.


*Based on a true story.
Ok, it *could* potentially be true if I had a nice Niagara to pack. Whaddaya say? You'd really be doing the world a favor, when you think about it.

Sammi said...

Well, seeing as I don't know either of you, I'd come over to meet you and O2 with the hopes of dinner and a movie. I'd let you pick the dinner, and O2 the movie :-).

We'd eat Chinese (although O2 would have some trouble with the chopsticks) and be amused at his choice of movie. Where did he find a copy of the Texas Dildo Massacre? we'd ask.

The movie would have frightened him (and probably us as well), so we'd use him as a weapon, wielding him around everytime we heard a strange noise.