Wednesday, December 30, 2009

thinking on the past

So lately I have been thinking of my ex most likely because its almost been a year now and she just had a birthday but any ways I find it a little odd to think of her because I thought I was past all this and I know I have changed a lot in this year. I have had more partners in this year then ever before ha ha and I am still clean so that is good. I am going to start on a different degree in a new job field that I've wanted to do from the day I was asked what I wanted to do when I grow up. I've got new friends and new hobbies well the friends aren't that new but I hang with them more now ha ha. Yes I know I am rambling but I haven't slept in a wile now and this is whats on my mind keeping me up so I was like maybe if I wright it down I can get some sleep so back to what I was saying I randomly been thinking of her for the past couple of weeks its not like OMG I wish I was with her right now but more like I still like her and I wouldn't mind being with her again if that makes any seanse ha ha. I dont think half the things I think of sound right when I say them out loud but hay what can you do. In other news I got my first toy in a long time I really dont like hopefully this weekend or so I will sit down and do the review for it seeing as I haven't gotten to use it that much because I dont always have some one to test out my toys with now a days but I manage some how ha ha. Well I am going to try and sleep again see yall later have a nice day and I hope you have a good new year ^_^

Thursday, December 17, 2009


So after a little over a month of not posting i am going to do a HNT just for you guys haha hope you like