Sunday, February 28, 2010


So for those of you might not know a fur also called a furry is a really hard thing to explain because from one person to the next it can change a lot but lucky for you and a little for me there is a really good page that I can link to to give you a starting point and hope you get a better idea of it. Okay so know that you know a little more about this even though you might not know why I made you go read that. If you follow me on Twitter you would know I have started to come out to people in my life that I am a fur if not well now you do know. Oddly though all of them that were furs too could already tell with not me telling them. When I asked them how they could tell they all said the same thing it was "how you act" I didn't even know I was giving off hints like that till they told me then when I thought about it I was like oh yeah I do. So as for what I am into and not into about this whole thing. I am not in to the whole dress up in full suit thing but I do want these really cool gloves i seen that have paw prints on the bottom. I have been yiffing online for about two or three years now I find it fun. I also think this is how i explore my bi side because I mostly have fun with other guys and every now and then a girl. Now in real life once I told one of my friends they invited me to come over and play with them and some of there other friends I thought it might be fun but I don't know much about it yet or when it would be. I did help some one make there own furry stuff once but I am not that good to make it on my own. I do slightly believe in the spiritual side of it but not to much seeing as I dont know to much about it but my one friend is really in to it so I might be asking her more about it. I do have an avatar that I do play with online and in my one of my D&D but the people I play D&D dont know the reast of why I use him or how I came up with him but that might be for there own good haha. He is a blue cannine wolf and husky mix and has complete heterochromia making his one eye light blue and the other bright yellow and some parts of his fur is darker then others and when I play online with him he is always nacked like me when I am home alone. If you guys still want to know more you and always ask and I will tell I am a vary open person if you ask.