Friday, August 14, 2009


Well thanks to the lovely people over at I have this lovely present
and a vary nice letter =)

thanks so much I cant wait to try it out =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drum roll please

So we did our little thing and now we know the winners haha and I am sure you want to know too but first lets look at all the people that got in on this =)

If you are trying to figure out the numbers it was to make it easier on us =)
and now on to the winners =)

This is right before the we shook up the box to get the winner of the lube =) and of course the person with the most entries Sammi is the winner one one of my three fav lubes from EF

And this is right before the what most people wanted the wonderful O2
that I love and I am sure you we too =)

And the winner is a wonderful person that is good at making people horny =) haha maybe I should let you guess who I am talking about haha.

Oh I wouldnt do that to you guys it is the lovely Jess =) I hope you all had fun and I hope to have another contest some time =)


Okay all stop typing it is all over no more enterys of any kind will be taken you can still send stories if you want I love ever last one I got =) you guys are amazing and maybe someday we can do some of what was in your stories haha I am at work so you wont know the winner till I get home so I you dont have to sit on the edge oh your sets for hours go have fun and come back in 4 hrs. hope you all have a good day =)

HNT: After Math

This is the after math of my babe and me
having a lot of fun =)

Friday, August 7, 2009

just because

I know some of you wanted to see how the cake turned out so here are some pics of it =)

Yes it dose say ninten ran out of room haha

Even got all the slots and the fan vent on the side =)

The power button is a little funny had
to find a way to use up the icing

ok just one last shot of the cake haha

And thesis are some cupcakes they were going to be controllers
but my friend jumped the gun and started on them
with out me haha still tasted really good =)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

HNT: frosting haha

This is what my babe did to me wile we were making my cake =)
it is kinda fuzzy because it was taken by a phone but it is funny =)

My BIG B-Day Contest

So here it is that thing I was telling you about that is so amazing that even you have to be happy on my B-Day =). EdenFantasys and Tantus are letting me giveaway some amazing things. First up we have EdenFantasys they are going to give you the choice of one of my three favorite lubes which if you didnt know are the Toko silicone lubricant, Wet body glide in the cherry, and Maximus. Then we have Tantus giving one of my favorite toys from them that I already have the O2 Niagara. I am sure by now you want to know how can I get in on this I just have to know well there are a couple of ways you can get in on this you can do the ever growwing way of followwing me and tweeting about it =) only one tweet a day will be counted this will get you enterd for both. Then if you want to be enterd for your choice of lube leave a comment on your favorite slippery situation. If you want to enter for the tantus toy leave me a comment with a story of me and you using a Tantus toy. You can enter both if you want or you coul just enter one it is all up to you if you want some extra credit you can post a link to this contest on your blog or site and post the link here =). This is going to go on for the next 7 days so at "12 in the after noon"♫ (haha had to do that) one week from now I will pick out the winners.

Its my B-Day

So it is finally my birthday =) after a log ass year of ups and downs haha. (right now I would say I am on a up.) So all yesterday well at lest from the time I got up I was working on the cake (seen below) it is three layers lol and yes that is home made frosting and it is perple but you cant really see that. I still have to decorate it then it will be good to eat. In between making the layers I had to help put to gather the party for today because some one couldnt get there friends to help out like they wanted haha. From what we got so far it should be fun not too many people but the real fun will start later that night because thanks to edenfantasys I am getting a feeldoe and a Xtreme pack that I cant wait to use. later today I will have a little something for all of you to celabrate my birthday hope you all have a good day.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Hay all Eden is giving away a $100 gift card Yes thats right $100 you cant spend how ever you like on anything you want but you must go here to enter.