Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Totally Fuckable Tuesday

So seeing as I came out this week my TFT is a guy I know that is a fur too and yes he did give me all the pics I am about to show you guys haha even though he didnt really know what he was getting in to till after he gave them to me I think he is sexy and fun as hell to hang with. so on to the pics ^_^

well he didnt want me to show his face so this is him ready for a conAnd this is his fursona
hope you guys like as much as me and a good week

Sunday, February 28, 2010


So for those of you might not know a fur also called a furry is a really hard thing to explain because from one person to the next it can change a lot but lucky for you and a little for me there is a really good page that I can link to to give you a starting point and hope you get a better idea of it. Okay so know that you know a little more about this even though you might not know why I made you go read that. If you follow me on Twitter you would know I have started to come out to people in my life that I am a fur if not well now you do know. Oddly though all of them that were furs too could already tell with not me telling them. When I asked them how they could tell they all said the same thing it was "how you act" I didn't even know I was giving off hints like that till they told me then when I thought about it I was like oh yeah I do. So as for what I am into and not into about this whole thing. I am not in to the whole dress up in full suit thing but I do want these really cool gloves i seen that have paw prints on the bottom. I have been yiffing online for about two or three years now I find it fun. I also think this is how i explore my bi side because I mostly have fun with other guys and every now and then a girl. Now in real life once I told one of my friends they invited me to come over and play with them and some of there other friends I thought it might be fun but I don't know much about it yet or when it would be. I did help some one make there own furry stuff once but I am not that good to make it on my own. I do slightly believe in the spiritual side of it but not to much seeing as I dont know to much about it but my one friend is really in to it so I might be asking her more about it. I do have an avatar that I do play with online and in my one of my D&D but the people I play D&D dont know the reast of why I use him or how I came up with him but that might be for there own good haha. He is a blue cannine wolf and husky mix and has complete heterochromia making his one eye light blue and the other bright yellow and some parts of his fur is darker then others and when I play online with him he is always nacked like me when I am home alone. If you guys still want to know more you and always ask and I will tell I am a vary open person if you ask.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Remote egg vibe

So for the longest time I have wanted to have a remote controlled egg to have some fun wile out and about. I finally got one from EdenFantasys and I was really exited when it finally got here even though I couldn't use it at the time. The Remote egg vibe by PHS International is a plastic egg so it can't be shared. The Remote egg vibe was a lot of fun and we couldn't hear it at all when we were in the car or at the movies and for how strong it is I was kind of surprised by that. seeing at this is plastic you can only clean it with a mild soap and warm water or you can use some toy cleaner. according to the packaging it works up to 30ft away sadly I could barely get it to work from 2ft away wile it was in my partner when it wasnt in my partner I got about 23ft easly then it was a little tricky after that. All in all it was a fun time even with all the set backs and it braking at the end would I buy it again most likely not it is a little too much for something I only got to use once.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

thinking on the past

So lately I have been thinking of my ex most likely because its almost been a year now and she just had a birthday but any ways I find it a little odd to think of her because I thought I was past all this and I know I have changed a lot in this year. I have had more partners in this year then ever before ha ha and I am still clean so that is good. I am going to start on a different degree in a new job field that I've wanted to do from the day I was asked what I wanted to do when I grow up. I've got new friends and new hobbies well the friends aren't that new but I hang with them more now ha ha. Yes I know I am rambling but I haven't slept in a wile now and this is whats on my mind keeping me up so I was like maybe if I wright it down I can get some sleep so back to what I was saying I randomly been thinking of her for the past couple of weeks its not like OMG I wish I was with her right now but more like I still like her and I wouldn't mind being with her again if that makes any seanse ha ha. I dont think half the things I think of sound right when I say them out loud but hay what can you do. In other news I got my first toy in a long time I really dont like hopefully this weekend or so I will sit down and do the review for it seeing as I haven't gotten to use it that much because I dont always have some one to test out my toys with now a days but I manage some how ha ha. Well I am going to try and sleep again see yall later have a nice day and I hope you have a good new year ^_^

Thursday, December 17, 2009


So after a little over a month of not posting i am going to do a HNT just for you guys haha hope you like

Monday, October 5, 2009

my self

So apparently some of the girls are starting to think guys don't have body image issues but I know that I have them and I am sure that I’m not the only one out there. You may be asking yourself what kind of body image issues could a young male sex toy reviewer and blogger have? Well all kinds of them, like I always think I am fat I know I am not by the standard but I have a gut and I think it makes me look fat. This I believe is caused by me not wanting to look like my dad when I get older. Seeing as most of you don’t know my dad is highly over weight and has problems walking most days. Something else I am highly self conscious of is my ass yes I have one and it is bigger than most guys I know or have seen. I wasn’t really that self-conscious till I got in to high school and some kids pointed out to me how odd it was that I was a guy and had an ass. So for a while I wouldn’t were tight pants and sat a lot so no one would notice but now I am a little better it’s just when I am naked now. One of the worst things that has ever happened so far is after this one time me and my one partner were trying out pegging and it wasn't anything I ever did before but I was very interested in; then after this amazing time it was all killed with one sound "eww" I was so embarrassed and I almost never wanted to try pegging again after that. I slowly got over it but I am still iffy sometimes about it. I think I am crazy some times because of the things I think like with this new thing I am reviewing that I have to use every night. My partner seen me in it and giggled then I hid under the covers so she couldn't see why I did this I don’t know it just felt odd and uncomfortable. My last partner also gave my another issue about body hair I think it is normal to have some but now in some places I can’t stand it and I think it looks grouse. Surprisingly I think I have the fewest amount of issues with my cock like I think most guys would have because I always tell people it is small, even though it is about average, so when someone sees it it’s bigger then what they were thinking and no one is let down so it is like my little safety net. These things are what I think about all the time and they can get in the way of other things I want to do some times but it is what I live with every day. Hopefully one day I won’t have them anymore but till then I won’t go to the beach as much as I want, I won’t go out topless, and I won’t go streaking for the fun of it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Under The Bed Restraint System

So as some of you might know last month for my birthday I got a Under The Bed Restraint System from the amazing people over at Sextoys.com and I have to say it is a lot of fun. This system will fit on most beds and other bed like things like right now I have it on my futon so it will fit a lot of things if you need or want it to. Some things are hard to do in the restraints but they are velcro so you can take them off and put them back on very easily and quickly if you need to. This is also a good thing if you need to get out of them fast for any number of reasons. You would also think that would make it easier for your partner to get out but it doesn't make it to much easier then other cuffs making them amazing for quick tie ups during or before the fun time starts I would highly recommended this to most people that I know some of the shyer people or people just getting into bondage I would say go with something cheaper till you know you like being restrained then get this because you will have a good time.

Thank you again Sextoys.com