Thursday, August 6, 2009

Its my B-Day

So it is finally my birthday =) after a log ass year of ups and downs haha. (right now I would say I am on a up.) So all yesterday well at lest from the time I got up I was working on the cake (seen below) it is three layers lol and yes that is home made frosting and it is perple but you cant really see that. I still have to decorate it then it will be good to eat. In between making the layers I had to help put to gather the party for today because some one couldnt get there friends to help out like they wanted haha. From what we got so far it should be fun not too many people but the real fun will start later that night because thanks to edenfantasys I am getting a feeldoe and a Xtreme pack that I cant wait to use. later today I will have a little something for all of you to celabrate my birthday hope you all have a good day.


Amorous Rocker said...

Yay cake! Happy birthday. =)

vanimp said...

Happy birthday you! Have a wonderful day x