Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drum roll please

So we did our little thing and now we know the winners haha and I am sure you want to know too but first lets look at all the people that got in on this =)

If you are trying to figure out the numbers it was to make it easier on us =)
and now on to the winners =)

This is right before the we shook up the box to get the winner of the lube =) and of course the person with the most entries Sammi is the winner one one of my three fav lubes from EF

And this is right before the what most people wanted the wonderful O2
that I love and I am sure you we too =)

And the winner is a wonderful person that is good at making people horny =) haha maybe I should let you guess who I am talking about haha.

Oh I wouldnt do that to you guys it is the lovely Jess =) I hope you all had fun and I hope to have another contest some time =)


Jess said...

Yaaay! How exciting! I'd like to thank all of the boys I've pegged and the girls I've fucked in seedy bar bathrooms for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

Bucking Bill said...

haha maybe you should go find them again to show them what you got because of all there work haha

Jess said...

It would really be a crime to keep that thing in my pants.

Lorelei said...

I agree Jess--it would be a crime! Congratulations, we'll be waiting for more stories. The Julio Iglesias song "To All the Women I've loved before" came to mind when you said "To all the boys I've pegged before" --it totally fits!

Great contest BB!

Jess said...

To all the boys I've pegged before,
I've traveled in and out their doors.
I'm glad they *came* along,
I dedicate this song
To all the boys I've pegged before.

Sammi said...

Oh, exciting!!!!!

Thank you, thank you!

AveryDragon said...

Congrats Sammi and Jess =)

Great contest Bucking Bill!