Monday, June 29, 2009

bondage tape

So my girl friend decided to get some Bondage tape because she cant stay still wile I am going down on her. This tape works well most of the time but if I don't tie her up just right she can slip out with out much trouble and the longer you have the tape on the easier it gets to slip out of seeing as you get sweaty after about 25 mins. or so. One thing to make sure of though is you should have some good working scissors just in case you need to get out in a hurry. This tape is hard to roll back up because it sticks to its self and vary well I might add. If you are thinking about trying some light bondage and don't want to pay a lot this is a good way to go.

This is as good as I could get it raped back up after some extended use.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Orgasmic Tendencies

1. What’s your favourite way to have an orgasm?

If I can sex

2. Do you use a sex toy? Hands? or both?

Most of the time both.

3. Do you have a favourite time of day or night that you like to pleasure yourself or have sex?

No any time of the day is good be it 4am or 9 in the after noon.

4. Do you feel you have different types of orgasms?

Yes, yes I do =P

5. Do you have a position or a technique that always guarantees an orgasm?

I have one for sex and one for getting off and they are both really fun =D

6. Is having your clit directly stimulated pleasurable for you? What about after an orgasm?

Well seeing as a penis is an over grown clit yes it is and most of the time I like it after.

7. Do you masturbate/pleasure yourself?

Of course I do. Don't you?

8. Has your self pleasuring repertoire/routine/technique changed or evolved over time?

Not too much but every now and again its fun to change things up.

9. Are sex toys part of your self pleasuring or with a partner? Or both?

Again I am going to have to say both.

10. If you enjoy using sex toys how often do you upgrade your equipment?

Lol well when ever I can get some good free stuff or if I can hold on to my money long enough to buy some. Then again I really like what I have now.

11. Whats the most intense orgasm you have ever had?

Oh this one time I was being fucked by my girlfriend and was using the tanga at the same time OMG it was amazing.

12. How often do you orgasm? Daily, more than once a day, weekly, monthly….???

ok yeah this is kinda odd but I would have to say 5 times a day on average some times more some times less.

13. Do you regard orgasm to be a stress reliever?

Not really I don't have a lot of stress it just feels really good =D

14. What happens to you after orgasm? Full of energy, a bit lala or ready to go to sleep?

Well half time I am full of energy that other half it is beddy by time

15. Have you ever squirted?

Well seeing as I am a guy I do almost every time.

16. Do you fantasize when you masturbate? Or do you just get right down to it?

Both depends on what mood I am in.

17. What do you like about having an orgasm? Is it important you have an orgasm every time?

I like every thing about having an orgasm but it isn't highly inportant I have one every time as long of my partner is good I am happy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Don't forget to go get your sex blogger calender

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wrong turn on the way to Mount Olympus

Well this ring was sapost to get me to Mount Olympus but they relocated it shortly after this got around. You know can't have mear mortals in Olympus after all. You can read more about it here.

Monday, June 8, 2009

One high maintenance star

New review up go check it out here

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Wishlist for Ginger Leigh’s Fabulous Shopping Spree

We Vibe

I had one of these with my ex and it was amazing but sadly she caped it so I want to get a new one.

Feeldoe Stout

I have been looking at the Feeldoe line for a wile now and out of all of them this one looks the most fun.

NEA White

I love the toys for lelo and this toy is amazing it would drive my girlfriend nuts when I tease her.

LUNA Beads

What better way to whip those vaginal mussels into shape then with the stylish luna beads

Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit

Who wouldn't want your oun personal pole to dance on and it comes with play money =)

Adult Toybox (Black Textured)

Sadly all of my toy containers are full and I still got a lot of toys to put up so this sexy case would be amazing.

Ultra Realistic Cock and Ass

I have wanted this for a long time now what could be more fun then a threesome without the hassles of a third person.

Grand total $745.43

Surprisingly it is really hard to spend $1000 so this is all I would want and Ginger Leigh can spend the rest on her self =) for giving us this wonderful chance

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hay Epiphora

My good... Well I want to say friend but we don't talk much hopefully that will change soon =) Epiphora is having a give away on her blog here; so you should all go check it out and give her much love.