Friday, June 5, 2009

My Wishlist for Ginger Leigh’s Fabulous Shopping Spree

We Vibe

I had one of these with my ex and it was amazing but sadly she caped it so I want to get a new one.

Feeldoe Stout

I have been looking at the Feeldoe line for a wile now and out of all of them this one looks the most fun.

NEA White

I love the toys for lelo and this toy is amazing it would drive my girlfriend nuts when I tease her.

LUNA Beads

What better way to whip those vaginal mussels into shape then with the stylish luna beads

Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit

Who wouldn't want your oun personal pole to dance on and it comes with play money =)

Adult Toybox (Black Textured)

Sadly all of my toy containers are full and I still got a lot of toys to put up so this sexy case would be amazing.

Ultra Realistic Cock and Ass

I have wanted this for a long time now what could be more fun then a threesome without the hassles of a third person.

Grand total $745.43

Surprisingly it is really hard to spend $1000 so this is all I would want and Ginger Leigh can spend the rest on her self =) for giving us this wonderful chance