Monday, January 11, 2010

Remote egg vibe

So for the longest time I have wanted to have a remote controlled egg to have some fun wile out and about. I finally got one from EdenFantasys and I was really exited when it finally got here even though I couldn't use it at the time. The Remote egg vibe by PHS International is a plastic egg so it can't be shared. The Remote egg vibe was a lot of fun and we couldn't hear it at all when we were in the car or at the movies and for how strong it is I was kind of surprised by that. seeing at this is plastic you can only clean it with a mild soap and warm water or you can use some toy cleaner. according to the packaging it works up to 30ft away sadly I could barely get it to work from 2ft away wile it was in my partner when it wasnt in my partner I got about 23ft easly then it was a little tricky after that. All in all it was a fun time even with all the set backs and it braking at the end would I buy it again most likely not it is a little too much for something I only got to use once.